About Us
ARX (Adaptive Resistance eXercise) Training sessions incorporate the most effective and efficient training technology to date in order to provide you all the benefits of resistance training (increased strength & muscle function, improving metabolic efficiency in order to lose fat and gain muscle, increased joint strength, bone-density, and lean muscle mass, as well as enhancing hormonal function) in 1-2, twenty-minute sessions per week.

ARX achieves this through adaptive resistance, meaning our motor driven universal machine provides you with the exact amount of resistance that you can produce throughout the range of motion.

It's a magic barbell! It's your one rep max at any given second (which is not possible with traditional weights) eliminating the need to over-strain or over stress your joints in order to gain muscle strength. ARX is safe and highly effective resistance training for both men and women of all ages and we provide one on one personal service during your training session.

Along with time-efficient, highly effective adaptive resistance, our computer tracks your performance and stores it to give you “real-time” progress every session.
Optimal Force Fitness opened in March 2017 to bring science and technology based training to Fort Worth in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. Our primary equipment is ARX (adaptive resistance exercise) which measures each exercise and allows you to track your progress. We're located in the back of the Foch Street Warehouses south of 7th Street between the Cultural District and Downtown Fort Worth.

Co-Founded by Sharon and Wacey Pruit. Sharon has a background in Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Wacey follows biohacking technology and health trends. Once they found the ARX equipment and technology was not in Fort Worth, they set out to change that.

Come give it a trial to see for yourself.